This is a series of EFT videos that will help you heal your shame related money beliefs and SHIFT into your next level identity’s new CORE money beliefs.

I created these videos for my private clients and they have seen MASSIVE SUCCESS.  From going from $20K months to doubling this amount in less than one month.  I’ve had other corporate clients have received unexpected salary increases and bonuses.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE once you shift your identity and step into the Next Level You.  Most importantly, they FEEL so much better.

Use these videos with the intention to collapse time and become your Next Level You who has an amazing relationship with money.


  • Watch the Introduction on Video 1.  Tap until your feelings on the topic are at level 8 or above.
  • Once you feel anchored in the shifted beliefs, begin tapping with Video 2.
  • Tap continue to tap with Video 2 (preferably daily) until these new beliefs have become your core beliefs.

REMEMBER: Consistency is key.  Once you start feeling good and seeing the results in your external reality DO NOT STOP.  Keep going.  Make these new beliefs your DEFAULT beliefs!



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I am Christine Michelle and I help high performing women like YOU become more of who you truly are and manifest with ease. I make this energetic world ease for you to navigate and make your own.  After 20+ years of working in Corporate America for some of the World's Most Recognized Brands, I left to focus on my core genius...helping to raise vibrations and shift energy is MY JAM.


I am the Vibration Lifter and the Energy Shifter.  I make Quantum Leaps #normal.


When you engage with my content you connect with your true higher self and things just become clear.  I help you be MORE of WHO THEY TRULY ARE and CREATE lives they LOVE & ENJOY!  I KNOW that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you DECIDE to HAVE it, CHANGE your MINDSET and ENERGETICALLY ALIGN with your DESIRES. I was able to do it and I know you can too.

Christine Michelle

Your Instructor & Transformational Mentor, The AlignedSoul